Mushroom Coffee Blend

Two of the Best Tasting and Most Effective Immune Boosting Medicinal Mushroom Extracts!


Our Mushroom Coffee is premium, organically grown, ground coffee with two of the most popular and effective mushroom extracts to promote immunity and longevity as well as improve calmness, focus and concentration.  


The Reishi mushroom is an adaptogenic mushroom that has been used for over 4000 years for it’s ability to strengthen the immune system, increase vitality, promote overall wellbeing and for it’s anti-aging benefits. There is evidence from a large scientific review to suggest it may slow the progression of cancer cell growth. 

500mg per serving


Lions Mane has been used for centuries by Buddhist monks during meditation to improve mental focus and calmness. Studies show that it is able to stimulate the growth of new brain neurons and improve memory - this is very exciting research as it has the potential to help patients with Alzheimer's, dementia or neural damage. Studies suggest it may also have blood sugar and triglyceride stabilizing effects, meaning it’s use may lead to a reduction in heart disease or diabetes. 

250mg per serving


Our House Blend is a blend of beans from Central America, South America and Easten Africa. Rather than using a single origin with one specific flavour (i.e. only Ethiopian beans with their "floral" tasting notes) - we carefully blend selected beans to product a well-rounded flavour that satisfies every customer. 

Mushroom Coffee Blend

  • Per 10g Seving (25 per pack):

    9.25g Ground Arabica Coffee

    500mg Reishi Mushoom Extract

    250mg Lions Mane Mushoom Extract