CBD-Infused Coffee (250mg)

Coffee and CBD both improve mood and serotonin levels and have antioxidant properties. The Caffeine + CBD combination produces a calmer, jitter-free and more focussed energy.


We directly infuse our House Blend with Pure (>99.9%) Cannabidiol (CBD) that has been extracted from organic hemp in a GMP Certified facility in the USA. Each 250g bag of premium speciality coffee has been infused with 250mg CBD



Our House Blend is a blend of beans from Central America, South America and Easten Africa. Rather than using a single origin with one specific flavour (i.e. only Ethiopian beans with their "floral" tasting notes) - we carefully blend selected beans to product a well-rounded flavour that satisfies every customer. 


CBD has been hailed as one of the most effective supplements available in helping with pain, inflammation and anxiety and caffeine helps to counteract the lethargy sometimes noted by users. This blend does not contain the psychoactive THC molecule so you will not feel “high” but contains one of the "medicinal"/supplemental molecules from Cannabis/Hemp, CBD. 


This product has no external oils added which would effect the taste and shelf-life of the coffee. 

CBD-Infused Coffee (250mg)

  • Per 10g CBD-infused Coffee (25 servings per 250g bag):

    10g Medium Roast Arabica Coffee (House Blend)

    10mg Pure Cannabidiol (CBD) (GMP Certified - USA)